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Intensifying the fight for the right to health and as every 3rd Sunday of May, the international vigil in memory of people who have died of HIV/AIDS was held worldwide; the wharf of the dead received locals and visitors who gathered to light a candle in memory of them all.

The Executive Director of Solidarity, Ed Thomas A.C., Francisco Arjona told us more about the meaning of this ceremony. “Different countries of the world simultaneously carry it out. It is a call to not stop the funds to continue with the studies and so that the treatments against HIV that are given to the people that is infected. ”

Arjona took this opportunity to give good news to patients with HIV. “The purchase of medications has been completed and they are being sent to all the states in Mexico. The Technical Secretary of Jalisco has already confirmed that we have enough supplies and they’re also looking for better treatment and pill-taking schemes.”

Finally, Arjona wanted to send a message to all those attending to the Pride week. “The HIV virus is still latent, the infection has not ended, the most important thing is to know our health status and be tested because when it’s detected in time it’s easier to provide a better life quality.”

In S.E.T.A.C. the timely treatment of the HIV virus is promoted, without discrimination of people living with HIV / AIDS. Make your appointment and get tested by calling 01 322 224 1974 or by writing an email to