Influencer Beltran Talks About ‘Body Positive’ and the Strength of the Bears Community

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Gogo Dancer and influencer Beltran talks with us about Body Positive, the bear community in Puerto Vallarta and of course Bearadise, the International Bear Fashion Week that will be taking place from January 30 to Sunday February 6, 2022, some tickets are still available on their website for you to enjoy all the great and fun activities they prepared!

Beltran is originally from Buenos Aires Argentina, he started on social media in 2018 experimenting making content for people like the thick-cut. Subsequently, he saw that it was necessary to talk more about Body Positive issues and create conversation because there are too many stereotypes around the gay community and only one male stereotype predominates.

He later took some photos and began to model on his social networks to make the different bodies visible. The process of being a Gogo dancer and a model took place at the same time, he took some classes and participated in voguing competitions, until a friend suggested started dancing at some parties in Argentina and he found it very fun, besides, he began to develop everything wanted to talk about diverse bodies.

O&APV talked to him about all these topics and what he will be doing at Bearadise, the International Bear Fashion Week in Puerto Vallarta.

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