Hollywood Star Jason Dottley Finds New Life in Puerto Vallarta

Heals Broken Heart and Launches Three New Businesses

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As Jason Dottley will gladly tell you, either you know everything about him or you have no clue who he is. 

“It’s a great way to keep your ego in check,” Dottley said with a laugh.

In 2008, Dottley soared to a level of fame that very few out gay actors before him ever have. He was regularly on TMZ.com and TMZ TV and was shot by paparazzi every time he left his house. His photos appeared in gossip magazines around the globe and he was named to the OUT 100 list. 

“I was very lucky. Timing is everything. I was the star of a cult-favorite TV show ‘Sordid Lives’ with icons Rue McClanahan and Olivia Newton-John in 16 countries,” he explained. 

Dottley even had the famed Cindy Guagenti as his publicist. He joined her client roster that was also made up of stars like Kim Kardashian and Brad Pitt. 

“I remember my ex-husband Del Shores asking me, ‘Can we please go to dinner just once and not have a crew of paps waiting for us outside?’ Not missing a beat, I responded with ‘Why would we go out to eat if not to have the paparazzi take our picture?”  God! He put up with a lot from me.  He’ll always be the Sean Penn to my Madonna. The one true love.”

Hair by Sergio at La Barberia on Lazaro Cardenas
Custom Top, AshyTee by HeirPHorce

Jason released five Top 40 Billboard records in a row before retiring from music in 2018. That’s when his whole life took a huge turn. 

Family tragedy struck. He had just spent the past two years taking care of his grandmother, and then she passed away. Already dealing with the sorrow from her death, his mother was diagnosed with Stage four cancer and within days of her diagnosis she was in hospice. 

“The eye of a Category 5 hurricane literally made landfall over the hospital in Florida,” he explained. “With my mom in a wheelchair tied to my left arm, my dog tied to my right arm, the building was crumbling. I could only hope the rope would keep us all together.” 

Jason thought his young life and those he most loved was over. With water rushing in from every direction, he began texting people with “goodbye, I love you” messages. 

“Miraculously, we survived and were med-evacuated to Alabama,” he said.  

Four months later, on Valentine’s Day, his mother died while he lay next to her, holding her hand. 

“Now I have her angel’s wings tattooed on that hand, and a forever Valentine,” he said. 

After her death,  he and his dog/child Ty moved back to Los Angeles to start anew, but within a year, he found himself on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. 

So, for those Jason Dottley fans who wanted to know more about who he is, Jason cast a wide net with his online fans online to ask a few questions.

Out & About PV:
What brought you to PV?
I couldn’t take Trumpland any more. It was September of election year and Ty and I got a suite at Casa Cupula for a week, then two weeks, then three weeks. After a month there – it’s FABULOUSLY hard to leave Cupula – I flew back, put my stuff in storage and rented a hacienda here for a year. I was here to write my first book about my mom and return once America had her shit together — but I’m still here! 

From Twitter

@callmeadamnyc (Celebrity Interviewer) What’s the most inappropriate question you’ve ever been asked in an interview? 

“Would you ever date one of your step-daughters’ friends?”

Does the entertainment industry embrace adult content now that JustForFans is a thing? Does it hold back work?
I’m sure Disney won’t hire me. But I don’t care. I only started an OnlyFans account as therapy for PTSD from sexual assault (google Dottley, rape). I went five years only having sex with one person because of my PTSD. That all changed because of onlyfans and it happened in Puerto Vallarta. There was something about doing OnlyFans, now JustForFans is my preference, that gave me back ownership of my sexuality. So, I am not concerned about industry perception. It healed me.

*anonymous Is sex hotter with a stranger or someone you know?
Sex is exponentially hotter with love. I have very little casual sex. I need monogamy in a relationship. I’m in the gay minority, I know. And my adult content is actually not me, it’s a character I’ve created, JTrouble. It’s all erotic fiction, a modern version of Madonna’s SEX book where she was “Dita” and it’s been the most liberating experience expressing parts of myself I’d never explored, all through JTrouble.

@raptorsrock (NYC Actor)
Some say that adding OnlyFans type work to a LEGIT entertainment career is a step down. Thoughts?
Easy. 98% of every gay man I know consumes adult content, and 95% of those 98% judge the people who create it. I’m here to say the hypocrisy has to stop. For me, JTrouble is just another artistic endeavor. Like putting out a new song, or crafting a music video character. It’s erotic fiction. No one batted an eye when I was totally naked and erect in Sordid Lives, but I do it on my own terms and it’s looked down on? F that!

Do you feel happier now than you did in your 20’s?
Everything is better in my 40’s. Except when you wake up and your back hurts just because you woke up. 


@adambarta (Reality TV Star) Would you ever do reality TV?  
I go where paychecks follow, so hook me up, Adam! 

@tommy_geraci_ (Host/Producer) What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned through the difficult times?
That you survive absolutely everything, until the one thing you don’t.


Thomas Schlieve: Do you have a boyfriend?
No, but I was lucky to have my first boyfriend in seven years, Seth Sikes, who I met in PV, for eight glorious months last year. It didn’t work out, but my god, did we have an incredible time together. He will always have a part of my heart.

Jack Rein:
What experience made you feel like you were living your best life? 

Anytime I can make someone feel special, I feel like I’m living my best life. 


@DJHelloKaren (Radio DJ WKGC) Biggest regret in life?
Not knowing how to communicate hard things during my marriage.

What was the biggest adjustment to make moving to Mexico?
Learning Spanish – which I’m still behind at finishing. My teacher: Adriana Maestra 3221337393

What is the one thing you’re most proud of?
Taking care of and being there with my grandmother and my mom as they transitioned to whatever comes after our last breath.

Is there anything that you have regretted doing in your career?
Not yet 😏 

Do you plan on getting married again?
For sure. I’m a hopeless romantic who loves love. 

Any plans on moving back to America full-time?
Nope! I’m too busy here! I’m launching a gay concierge service JasonsPV.com, I’m launching GayCollab.com that will help content creators connect and I’ll also offer directing, producing and promoting services, and I have a slew of events happening over the summer that you can keep up with at JasonsPV.com that will have everything from mental health workshops, yoga, after hours parties, my new one man show. I’m a busy gringo! 
The only link you need to follow Jason everywhere online is links2jason.com

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