Six Questions with Jason Dottley

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You probably know Jason from starring as “Ty” in “Sordid Lives: The Series” or from one of his five Top 40 Billboard dance records, perhaps his one-man show tours, perhaps you have no clue! Either way, here’s your chance to get to know him better. 

Celebrating one-year of “Jason Dottley’s Naked Pool Party” at Casa Cupula, the every Saturday event featuring Dottley’s hand-selected greatest hits from the past 30 years, a body-positive purpose as their slogan says, “Every Body is Beautiful”, excellent food, craft cocktails, go-go’s and cash-winning contests, it’s no wonder Jason’s party has become the most popular clothing-optional party in PV.  We got to ask him six questions! 

  1. What made you want a “body positive” pool party? I didn’t want to perpetuate the toxic narrative in our community of what it means to be beautiful. That narrative, no matter how many magazines I was on the cover of, or “sexiest” list on TMZ, lead me to eating disorders and always feeling less than. I wanted to create a space that made everyone feel COMFORTABLE and to celebrate the beauty that we all possess. 
  2. Do you get naked at your party?  I take my clothes on and off a lot. But yes, I get naked at every party. I just go with the flow of what I tell my guests, “Do what makes you feel comfortable.”
  3. Why did you choose Casa Cupula? Well, we chose each other. I stayed there for my first month in PV and I fell in love with the hotel, the staff and the owner Don. It’s simply the best. And they have supported my vision in a way that I am beyond grateful. The best for the best. 
  4. What else do you do in PV? I love Incanto. I did my last one-man show there “Life on the Gay-List” for 3 months, and working on a new all-comedy show there once their downstairs theatre opens again hopefully first of 2022. I also see shows at the Palm, and hit up the clubs on the gay street. Oh and eat a lot of street tacos. Mostly, I’m writing my first book and a TV script. 
  5. What advice do you have for our community?  Learn now to love yourself and what you see in the mirror. The only validation you need comes from within. Oh! And then follow my new instagram because my other was deleted! @jdottley3 — and while you’re at it, TikTok is @theonlyjasond and I have a lot of LIVE’s geared towards mental health and personal issues, but my content is hella funny! 
  6. What is something no one knows about Jason Dottley? My truly lovely ex-boyfriend broke my dick in Spring of 2021. What an accomplishment, right? That ER visit was no fun. But urologist Dr. Mauricio Rios at Hospital Medasist was an angel. GO TO HIM. He gets the gay community. Take care of your sexual health, guys

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