Beat the Heat & Eat Well: P.V. Summer Menu Round-Up Kicks Off

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Anyone believing there is such a thing as a slow season in Puerto Vallarta is, well, sadly mistaken. Sheets of rain turn the mountains into lush green valleys, the thick humidity wreaks havoc on the hairdos of frizz-weary fashionistas, and the enticing summer food menu special offerings sizzle across town.

So get comfy in your muumuus, grab a beverage of choice, and read on. Out & About Puerto Vallarta brings you a curated list of restaurants offering summer specials through this series of P.V. Summer Menu Round-Up.

The Swedes

When it comes to delivering consistently good food, the owners of a handful of restaurants in P.V. carry the title with swelled chests. Perched up a flight of stairs at the corner of Calle Olas Altas and Pulpito in Zona Romantica, Christopher Maluck, the owner of The Swedes, has every reason to feel proud.

the swedes meatballs special

Whether it’s the Cosmopolitan Wednesdays—Wine-tasting Thursdays—or mouthwatering meatball Mondays, The Swedes have been satisfying the pallets and stomachs of its patrons for over a decade. And the tradition carries on after the visitors and tourists have returned. Every Sunday and Monday throughout the summer, for $380 pesos, the restaurant offers a Swedish meatball entrée, a classic dish that has gained popularity worldwide. Known for its tender texture and rich, savory flavor, the meatballs are made by combining breadcrumbs, eggs, and spices such as nutmeg and allspice into a mixture of ground beef and pork. They are served with a creamy gravy sauce, paired with traditional accompaniments like lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes. The entrée is accompanied by Toast Skagen starter, a Swedish shrimp toast.

And before you allow your curious mind to wander off too far, the answer is yes. This Scandinavian favorite is tenfold better than the IKEA-brought frozen bag of meatballs. Follow the link below to take advantage of The Swedes summer menu offer.

the swedes steak summer special

Any of you carnivores craving a juicy steak to end your week? Every Friday & Saturday this summer, The Swedes is grilling up a delicious USDA Choice New York Strip (300g) cooked to your preference. Served with a chef’s choice potato and vegetable, this meal comes paired with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, all for $580 pesos.

Let’s Pho PV Vietnamese Cuisine

Not far from The Swedes, just up Olas Altas toward Lazaro Cardenas, is another restaurant serving regional food from its native roots: Let’s Pho PV Vietnamese Cuisine.

Be dishes like pho—pronounced fuh, a fragrant noodle soup typically made with beef or chicken—or banh mi, a French-inspired sandwich with Vietnamese fillings such as grilled pork or pate, the sweet and tangy tastes of Let’s Pho’s Vietnamese food rivals Banh Mi Boys in Toronto and Ba Le French Vietnamese Bakery & Restaurant in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.

lets pho summer specials

Another reason to rejoice Let’s Pho PV Vietnamese Cuisine—adding the complexity and diversity of Vietnamese gastronomy to Puerto Vallarta’s eclectic food scene—is its 450 pesos three-course menu during the summer months. Starting in July, patrons can choose from its regular menu, offering vibrantly-flavored, aromatic dishes such as Kimchi French fries, Pho, and Bo Luc Lac, a garlic and butter-marinated fillet mignon dish.

But wait! It gets better: For an additional 250 pesos, you can also indulge in an all-you-can-drink house wine offer with a purchase of an entrée. I can imagine wine drinkers exclaiming joyously, ‘How fuh!’

Click the link below to enjoy a summer dining experience at Let’s Pho PV Vietnamese Cuisine.

Awaysis Rio Bar

As you journey further east on Lazaro Cardenas, you’ll find yourself near the banks of Cuale del Rio. Nestled in this tranquil setting, Awaysis Rio Bar beckons with its enticing summer specials designed to keep patrons cool during the summer months.

awaysis daily drink specials

Who can say no to indulging in the Martini Madness Thursdays for 70 pesos at this cozy, air-conditioned haven? Adorned with blue walls and palm murals, the bar promises to transport visitors to a lush, exotic paradise through its vibrant atmosphere and innovative cocktail menu. And with its eclectic decor inspired by tropical flora and fauna, Awaysis Rio Bar aims to be the go-to spot for live musicians and patrons to come together. So, come, bask in the chilled ambiance, savor the innovative cocktail menu, and unwind in this tropical oasis at Awaysis Rio Bar.

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