Bean and Brick: A Coffee Shop Redefined, Connecting People and Properties

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Photos by Oscar Almeida

Bean and Brick, a new coffee shop, recently opened at Lazaro Cardenas 381A, the space that was formerly known as White Rabbit Coffee. 

Bean and Brick offers coffee, pastries, and a selection of bread in an atmosphere akin to a relaxing lounge. 

Bean and Brick, a new coffee shop, recently opened at Lazaro Cardenas 381A, the space that was formerly known as White Rabbit Coffee. 
Bean and Brick, a new coffee shop, recently opened at Lazaro Cardenas 381A, the space that was formerly known as White Rabbit Coffee.  Photo by Oscar Almeida

The bread is made fresh daily in a local bakery, and the pastries are provided by a French patisserie, both of which are located in Versalles. 

What makes this space even more of a stand out is the concept of melding a great café with real estate, a first of its kind in Puerto Vallarta. 

All four owners sell for Casa Connections Real Estate, so it is a consortium of talent and information sharing on an unparalleled level.

Bean and Brick has four owners; David Pletz, who is the Owner of Casa Connections, Danelia Camacho Barragan, Ronn Mattai, and Alan Muchantef. In every aspect, it is a team effort, with the owners working daily alongside the helpful staff. 

With comfortable seating, and great Wi-Fi, it is the perfect spot for those digital nomads who have projects to complete, but want to do it in a fun environment. 

As I arrived on a recent Monday afternoon, I was welcomed by Ronn, who besides being one of the owners, is also the Manager. He greeted me with “how’s it going friend,” which was so authentically kind, that I was immediately put at ease. Peaceful music overhead provides a calming influence, and gives the bright and airy room a relaxed, yet elegant feel. 

There is a friendliness to Bean and Brick that has endeared it to a cadre of regulars that return on a daily basis. A vibrant energy flows throughout the day, though not to let the morning outshine the evening, an array of fine liquor and wine is nestled above the bar area, ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice. 

Bright white walls rise to meet a coal black ceiling, providing a cool, industrial feel. Ceiling fans help keep everything comfortable and the large sliding door at the entrance remains open throughout the day. Outside awaits a lovely patio area, which overlooks Lazaro Cardenes, just beyond. Pleasant greenery is suspended from the roof, and surrounds the patio, providing needed shade from the strengthening March sun. 

Visiting with Ronn over an Italian soda, we discussed the vision and values that make this warm spot shine. Ronn described Bean and Brick as “a casual place to get to know people, and make connections,” he continued, “we want to build relationships in the community, and give back at the same time.” 

He spoke with conviction, emphasizing, “we want to be known not just to the foreign community, but to the locals as well.” Touching on the trailblazing concept Bean and Brick has created, Ronn stated “it’s a great place to learn, and purchase real estate, without feeling the pressure of being in a real estate office,” he continued, “if you are interested in real estate, we’re here for you, and happy to help.” 

Bean and Brick is making big plans for the future, which include; extended hours, live jazz, charcuterie boards, and tapas to compliment that perfect glass of wine, or favorite cocktail. 

As our time drew to a close, Ronn wanted to mention how much the entire team of Bean and Brick looks forward to welcoming new friends from every background. He concluded with emotion in his voice, sharing, “It’s a great place to feel comfortable, even when you are alone, you will never feel lonely here.”   

Please connect with Bean and Brick via Instagram.

Bean and Brick, Coffee/Lounge/Real Estate

Lazaro Cardenas 381A, Zona Romantica, Emiliano Zapata 48380

Hours Monday through Saturday 8:00am to 7:00pm Sunday 8:00am to 2:00pm

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