Xocodiva Expands, Adds Cafe

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Handmade chocolate, local organic coffee, frappuccinos, smoothies, and many more delicious things

By Daniel Benítez

Xocodiva Artisan Chocolate has expanded, and in order to better pamper its customers, you can now also enjoy a wide variety of coffee in their new beautiful and elegant cafe on Aquiles Serdan.

Do you need to work online? The new cafe has extremely fast internet with comfortable seating and great ambiance.

Their organic coffee is locally grown and sourced from a family in Nayarit. The family grows and roasts the beans and provides Xocodiva with an exclusive blend that you are sure to love.

Xocodiva still handmakes their artisan chocolate that they are famous for, and this continues to be the focus of their business. 

The owners said the addition of a cafe was a wonderful addition to our chocolate products. 

Every sweet, mouthwatering bite of Xocodiva’s handmade truffles melt in your mouth, tantalizing your taste buds with their unique flavours and flavour combinations. 

Xocodiva sources only the freshest local ingredients to go into their ganaches…Handmade here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. They start with the best Belgian chocolate and the freshest local ingredients. Their chocolate is totally natural and free of preservatives.

Each truffle is painted or decorated by hand with care and passion, creating the best chocolate truffles that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

All of their other delicious products are hand-made from a huge assortment of creative mouth-watering barks to the hand-poured bars.

Every bite of our chocolate is a world traveler.

It all begins in small farms in Latin American countries, where cocoa trees are grown to obtain their beans. From the muggy tropical mountains of Mexico, Peru, Brazil and other countries, cocoa beans are shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, where they are processed in Belgium, the source of the world’s finest and smoothest chocolate since the 17th century.

Just like real tequila is only made in Tequila (Mexico), real Belgian chocolate always comes from Belgium.

Belgian chocolate is shipped to Xocodiva in large blocks, which are broken down by hand and carefully tempered until smooth and creamy enough to be poured into molds or mixed with other ingredients to make our legendary truffles, bars, barks and bites. Only the highest quality ingredients are combined with our chocolate, because we want each Xocodiva chocolate to be a work of art.

If you want to visit one of Xocodiva’s three locations or require more information, please visit their website today. 

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