One of the most visited areas by LGBT+ tourism in Puerto Vallarta, is without a doubt the Romantic Zone, because of its cobbled streets, colonial constructions and friendly people, as well as the restaurants bars, art galleries and a boutiques.

According to the research of Dr. María de los Ángeles Huízar Sánchez, University Center of the Coast, in 2018 a person from the LGBT+ community in Puerto Vallarta stays for an average of seven to ten days and they can spend up to 630 USD a day per person. Because of the services to which they have access, most of this tourists stay in the Romantic Zone, however from June to November the demand of this area decreases.

Calculating $10 for a cab from the airport to Zona romántica, $80 for a hotel room at Mercurio Hotel, $100 to have lunch and dinner at a nice restaurant like Verona Seafood and Bar $50 for some refreshing drinks at Code Puerto Vallarta or Industry Nightclub and $10 to take a uber to go back to the hotel represents around 250 USD! only halfway to that high result. What do you spend your money on?? How much do you spend a day on your vacation in Puerto Vallarta??