Urovallarta offers exclusive new treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

An innovative non-invasive treatment to improve the problem of erectile dysfunction.


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If you are one of the millions of men who suffer from Erectile dysfunction (ED), a new and unique treatment for ED is now exclusively available at Urovallarta.

Renova is an innovative non-invasive treatment to improve the problem of erectile dysfunction.
Through shock waves, the generation of new blood vessels is stimulated, to increase the supply of blood to the penis, improving the haemodynamic function of the male sexual organ.

“Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects most men at some point in their lives,” said Carlos M. Garcia, M.D., urologist and medical director of Urovallarta, overseeing the Erectile dysfunction and prostate clinics. “It’s when the inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is firm enough for sexual function.

“Our goal is to help men resume sexual intimacy,” added García. “Renova allows us to treat the source of ED and not the symptoms – but it’s just one of many different treatments we offer at Urovallarta.”

García studied urology at Hospital Juarez de Mexico, and IMSS in Monterrey, NL. He holds diplomates and trainings in HIFU therapy with Sonalbate 500, Cyber TM thulium laser for prostate enlargement, Coloplast Titan penile implants, Renova therapy, training in Tel Aviv, Israel. International Proctor of Sonablate system for Sonacare medical.

Renova works by improving blood flow to the region. This type of therapy has been used to help heart patients, people with kidney stones, and those with fractures and joint inflammation. Each session, conducted in the clinic, takes approximately 20 minutes and does not require hospitalization. The patient can go straight home after each session. To date, no negative side effects related to Renova treatment are reported.

An appointment at Urovallartra will help determine if Renova is the right treatment path for you. If it isn’t, they have many other options.

“We use state of the art technologies to diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction: a hormonal profile, tests done in blood to measure testosterone, prolactin and estradiol; a penile ultrasound with Doppler scan to evaluate the penile arteries and their flow, and evaluation of venous system. With these results and a thorough clinical evaluation, we can offer from medical treatments, to Renova, the shock wave therapy, or penile implants,” García explained.

And what about the “miracle pill” for ED, the “little blue pill”?

“The phosphodiesterase inhibitors medication (Cialis, Levitra and Viagra) revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction, unfortunately they are used as the miraculous option, and not all men with dysfunction are candidates to them, including patients with heart diseases, or using some drugs,” García said. “This is the reason why all men with this condition must be checked and studied to understand what is causing the dysfunction. These drugs can cause side effects related to blood flow in brain, heart, that can turn them dangerous, if not used adequately and under the medical vigilance. Unfortunately, in Mexico everybody can buy them without prescription. There are a lot of presentations and “generics” that are not approved and that are causing problems to those that use them.”

Carlos M. García M.D.

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