Two Family Men Giving the Sweet Touch to Candy Bar Restaurant; Recently Opened Restaurant Introduces Its Chefs

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(Puerto Vallarta, JAL) – Candy Bar Restaurant, which recently opened its doors in Zona Romantica, is introducing it’s two chefs to the community and clientele to showcase their talents and give a small insight into who they are and understand their background, as they are the ones giving the “sweet touch” to the restaurant’s dishes.

Tomas Beltran

Their head chef, Tomas Beltran, is originally from Acapulco, another beach town in the state of Guerrero, approximately 760 miles south-east of Puerto Vallarta. He’s been living in Puerto Vallarta for the past 15 years, however. Tomas is a family man; he’s married and has two girls. When he has free time, he enjoys going swimming and fishing. Inside the kitchen, his specialties are Mexican, Asian and italian food.

His favorite dish at Candy Bar Restaurant are the mixed fajitas, which include chicken, steak, and shrimp, a “must have” according to Tomas. What he likes about working at Candy Bar Restaurant is the good work environment and the fact that his bosses are nice, compared to his old bosses when he used to work in the hotel industry where he worked for about 10 years. During this time, he went from being a steward to working his way to becoming a chef. There is a lot he likes about Puerto Vallarta. From the good people that live here, to the mountains, rivers, beaches, and the notably much better safety than in Acapulco.

Jaime Curiel

Their second chef, Jaime Curiel, is originally from Atenguillo, Jalisco, a small town north of the state, but has spent the past 11 years in Puerto Vallarta. Jaime is also a dedicated family man, with a wife and three children. On his free time, he enjoys working out and watching movies. He used to live in the USA and that is where he learned how to cook and began his career in gastronomy, after also working his way up from being a dishwasher. Inside the kitchen, his specialties are meat cuts, Asian, Italian, and Mexican food.

His favorite dish at Candy Bar Restaurant are the Camarones al Coco, “I like the sweetness and the crunchiness” he says. What he likes about working at Candy Bar Restaurant is the good people and the respectful work environment.

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