Travel+Lesiure Magazine Names Guadalajara, Mexico as one of Ten ‘Up and Coming’ LGBTQ Places to Visit

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Travel+Leisure Magazine, while pointing out the forever charm that Puerto Vallarta has for the queer traveler, names ten up and coming spots to visit for the LGBTQ traveler, and has placed Guadalajara on that list.

The article “10 Up-and-Coming Destinations Around the World For LGBTQIA+ Travelers” say Guadalajara’s proximity to both Puerto Vallarta and the Tequila Valley have positioned it as a stop on many LGBTQIA+ itineraries as of late.

“Today’s queer travelers, whether planning a weekend away or globetrotting halfway across the world, are seeking out new destinations with similar qualities. First and foremost, they take notice of places offering better protections for LGBTQIA+ people, but they also look to experience the nuances of a destination’s local queer community, recent investments in queer-owned business, the number and caliber of queer events, and on-the-ground activism,” writes Dan Koday.

Check out the story and the full list here.

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