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They call me the Drag Queen Whisperer

I was recently dubbed the 'Drag Queen Whisperer' by someone here in Puerto Vallarta. This nickname came about from my many interviews and interactions...

Coco Peru: the taming of the tension – INTERVIEW

We get to create ourselves - a lot of people forget that because they feel they're born into these roles. We got lucky and got...

Varla Jean Merman’s Under a Big Top! VIDEO INTERVIEW

We catch up with legend Varla Jean Merman! She talks about Puerto Vallarta, Coco Peru as being a huge inspiration, and also discusses some...

Tammie Brown talks PV, Mexico, Drag Race to O&APV

Out & About PV got an exclusive interview with former Rupaul's Drag Race contestant Tammie Brown! She discusses her upcoming Puerto Vallarta residency, her...