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2021 Health and Wellness Guide

Out and About Puerto Vallarta's Summer 2021 Health and Wellness Issue features a variety of stories on LGBTQ Puerto Vallarta including Luis Ochoa, Vallarta's Personal Assistant; Renew IV and Med Spa; Ayahuasca Experience; and Makal Restaurant takes your taste buds on a tour of Mexico. Learn about 2021 Puerto Vallarta Pride, Pride in Business, dental care in Puerto Vallarta, how medical tourism is growing, and options for health and travel insurance.

Puerto Vallarta’s Personal Assistant Puts PRIDE into His Work

Luis Ochoa is an entrepreneur and small businessman, and he knows the pride that comes with owning one’s own business. Luis is Puerto Vallarta’s personal assistant, catering to a vast array of needs, with many of his clients’ members of the LGBTQ community.

Luis Ochoa – Vallarta’s Personal Assistant

Luis Ochoa is a young entrepreneur whose search for the perfect beach life and work balance led him to Puerto Vallarta.  He has been living here for over two years and has officially started offering his Personal Assistant services to local and visiting clients. Ochoa, whose experience includes clients from various countries and different backgrounds, is excited to work in a community that is as diverse and as plentiful as Puerto Vallarta’s.  

Vallarta Gay History