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Francisco Calvillo Finds Passion in the Sands of Puerto Vallarta

A spatula, salty sea water, and his imagination are the humble tools Francisco Calvillo uses to create unbelievable works of art out of sand.

Aspergers Leads Michael Tolleson Robles Down Artistic Path

Michael Tolleson Robles, a gay autistic savant artist, author and advocate, has brought his talents to Puerto Vallarta and opened a new art gallery, Galeria Robles.

Art Brought to Life as Murals Unveiled in Eight Puerto Vallarta Public Schools

Adrian Takano, muralist, painter, and musician, who has done much of the popular street art murals on many buildings in Puerto Vallarta (including some in Emiliano Zapata), has unveiled two new murals that are part of a project that has placed eight murals in Puerto Vallarta public schools.