Beto Sempere and Friends Wow Audience With Act2PV Performance

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Beto Sempere and a talented group of friends wowed an audience on August 22, 2023 at the Red Room in ACT2PV Theater with an evening of great entertainment including dancing and singing.

The group of about 20 performers came together to raise money for Sempere as he prepares to go to Spain to study and further his dance career.

Beto Semepere and friends

The event was sponsored by Hotel Mercurio and hosted by local gay charro singer and performer Alberto Cuevas. Joining Cuevas on stage included Beto Sempere; dancers from the Locos por la Rumba Puerto Vallarta, Benedicto y su academia, Fernanda Hernández, Marina, Fusión 91 and Germanin.

Sempere was moved by the donation of time and talent from his friends, and thanked them all from the stage during the two-hour show, which was produced by him.

“I began my preparation at the age of 11, taking classical and jazz ballet classes at the Ballet and Art Center,” Sempere explained. “I continued with the classical dance career special plan for men, Cuban technique, with the teacher Perla Dorantes and in Dance Professionals with Maricarmen Padrón.”

Sempere has participated with different dance schools and companies, interpreting classics such as Swan Lake, the Quixote, the Nutcracker and original works.

“I was in the fourth generation of the Contemporary Dance Diploma, Lux Boreal,” he explained. “I moved to CDMX to continue with my career, in the freelance show business, where I also continued preparing myself by taking classes in different styles of dance. I had to give classes, extra in commercials, national tours, competitions, congresses, etc. My interest in creating has been lifelong, which led me to produce different shows and I am currently preparing my next production.”

Alberto Cuevas

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