‘The Cher Show’, a Spectacular Tribute to the Pop Diva

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“The Cher Show” at Act2PV is a musical marvel that shines with the intensity of the diva it pays tribute to. The staging is a journey through the career of the iconic Cher, where the meticulous care of every detail transports viewers to different eras of the star.

From the first to the last act, the show enchants with different costume changes that are a display of creativity and precision, reflecting Cher’s transformations over the years. But beyond the visual, it is the vocal ensemble that wins the applause. Voices that not only emulate, but honor every note of the legendary artist.

Cher Show Act2PV

The ballet, composed of dancers of unmatched skill, adds a touch of sensuality and energy with its performances and acrobatics, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Edgar Sánchez’s production is impeccable, and the protagonist, Indra Meza, takes over the stage with a presence as magnetic as Cher herself.

Cher Show Act2PV

The musical direction of Alfonso López is the common thread that intertwines Cher’s hits, complemented with audiovisual resources that provide humor and unparalleled liveliness to the show. The show is produced by Edgar Sanchez and choreography by Edgar Roman.

The care taken in the scenography, choreography and lighting make “The Cher Show” a top-notch show, an experience not to be missed and definitely recommended for those looking for a night of quality entertainment.

Cher Show Act2PV

This tribute is more than a show, it is a visual and auditory feast that captures the essence of one of the most emblematic artists in the world of entertainment. Fridays on Act2PV at 9 pm.

9 to 10:30 p.m.
Danny’s Main Stage, Act2PV
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