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The sounds of the Mariachi will be the protagonists of the Feria Internacional del Mariachi Puerto Vallarta 2019 that will take place in this destination on April 22nd, 23th and 24th.

Héctor Turrubiates (event organizer) informed that it was decided to make this event during Semana Santa and Easter season in Puerto Vallarta, considering that this destination is one of the gateways for international tourism in Mexico.

The entrepreneur explained that in addition to musical presentations there will be workshops, contests, conferences and training for mariachi groups or public interested in this musical genre that is considered one the most Mexican ones and included as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In addition, there will be also taking place different private and public galas to let the visitors and locals enjoy a first class show, since the main objective of the event is to achieve a broad exposure of mariachi music as a pillar of Mexican identity.

“We have chosen Puerto Vallarta because there are many national and international tourists and many members of the mariachi music guild,” said the organizer, adding that there will be an opportunity for musicians who want to go professional by participating in the Mariachi International Music Congress with the best mariachis and 15 of the best teachers of this genre.

He also announced that there will be Mexican folkloric dances, live conferences broadcasting via social networks, different options to shop and many other things related to the music industry to support the spread of mariachi.

“We want the musicians to learn from the best teachers but also to discover new tools so they can spread the music of Mariachi with a more commercial promotion”.

Four galas

Héctor Turrubiates said that there will be four mariachi galas after the Congress: one at the International Convention Center on April 24th where the awards will be given to the best Mariachi musicians.

“On that red carpet we will have a concert for the musicians; a show featuring the Mariachi Corona and Mariachi Estrella de México, a fantastic closing of the Congress.” On April 25th there will be a free concert on the malecon of Puerto Vallarta with folkloric ballet. On the 26th and 27th of April there are two shows at the Vallarta Theater, called “I am from Jalisco”, in which eight of the best mariachis in the country will participate. Los Mariachis Toritos, San Francisco, Corona, Guadalajara, Estrella de México, Real de Oro and Jalisco es Mexico will participate in this activities.

“There are private and public concerts, the free ones will have place at the Malecon on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, there are three activities to enjoy.” The organizer also added that 13 of the 20 mariachi groups that will participate in all the events take classes, which means that there are 150 students and the rest are elite mariachis for private shows.

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism congratulates this initiative, considering that this is a great showcase of Mexican folklore and during the Easter Week holidays. National and international tourists will be able to enjoy the best of authentic Mexican music.