SETAC Staff: Open Letter to the Community Leaves Future of SETAC in Question

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[Editor’s Note: The following open letter is shared with the Puerto Vallarta LGBTQ+ community from the staff at SETAC – most all of the staff have resigned or been let go over the past week. The letter is not signed by any individuals due to fear of retaliation. Staff have not been paid for some amount of time, and so with the lack of staff and medical direction, the future of SETAC is up in the air. We’ll continue to follow and provide updates. If you have an appointment you should definitely check before you go.]

Dear community of Puerto Vallarta, today we have decided to inform you of the following:

As employees of the SETAC organization, we have always maintained our commitment to our activities, with the empathy and heart that each of you deserve as beneficiaries of health services, in order to always accompany you in every process that has to do with the enjoyment and sexual and comprehensive health care.

With deep sadness and from a place of disappointment we share with you that we have stopped working at SETAC in this beautiful purpose of achieving the well-being of the community of Puerto Vallarta.

Some of the staff were fired, others decided to resign due to lack of payment, and the staff who continue to have worked, have done so without receiving their respective biweekly payments. Neither those who resigned nor those who were fired have received the corresponding compensation. There are many other problems as well, all of which made for a difficult and harmonious workplace.

This unfortunate situation was triggered as a result of what we think is a lack of direction, decision making that was incongruent with the situation, absence of the board of directors and lack of financial resources. The entire team actively expressed interest and concern in this regard for more than one year, with team members proposing ideas and activities for fundraising, which were sabotaged with actions and threats by the director and legal representative.

We are grateful to the people who responded to our call voluntarily and in a timely manner and who in their time wanted to help us get out of the situation.

Today we understand that no matter how much effort and good intention was added, the director and legal representative would always look for a way to sabotage them.

We regret that this situation affects you as users of SETAC programs and services, we hope that you soon receive a response to your needs and that you continue to receive the dignified treatment that you deserve.




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