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SETAC, (Solidaridad Ed Thomas AC), a non-profit LGBT+ health service provider in Puerto Vallarta, has expanded it’s clinical analysis laboratory to specialize in detecting potential sexual health issues at a lower cost for the benefit of the LGBT+ community and the population in general.

In a press release from SETAC, Dr. Miguel Buenrostro Guevara, medical director of SETAC, said the main service provided is the detection of up to eleven sexually transmitted infections, with a single sampling procedure for the convenience of the patient and the particularity that it has medical and psychological accompaniment.

“This service is unique in Puerto Vallarta, because with a single sampling procedure, the patient will know, through a PCR test, whether or not he/she suffers from up to eleven sexually transmitted infections, such as: herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomoniasis, ureaplasma, treponema, hemophilus, among others that complement the hiv, syphilis and hepatitis blood tests, and also without leaving people adrift, since they are given treatment and psychological accompaniment”, he explained.

SETAC Lab Cost

The doctor added that this laboratory also processes CD4 cell count studies to know the state of the immune system of people living with HIV and thus better monitor their treatment.

“For example, the CD4 count is only done in Guadalajara and people have to wait more than a week to know their results; with us, the response time is at least 20 minutes,” said Buenrostro Guevera.

Meanwhile, Paco Arjona Barbosa, executive director of SETAC said that with this new service the organization fulfills its mission to reduce health gaps and generate safe spaces free of stigma and discrimination.

“We are an institution where together we participate in activities with positive impact on society, promoting the values of solidarity, fraternity, union and service, reflected in a treatment of equality and respect for all,” he concluded.

SETAC’s laboratory offers its services in Colonia Versalles and Zona Romantica and those interested can consult the website, send an email to, call 322 224 1974 or write to whatsapp 322 108 90 66.

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