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With great success, Puerto Vallarta participated in the Toronto Pride parade 2019, an event organized annually for the LGBT+ community in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world; Toronto’s gay pride festival is the largest celebration of that style in North America, it runs along the main streets of that Canadian city, amid great collective joy and a great party for all attendees.


In its 38th edition, the Toronto Pride gathered more than one million participants and spectators in its annual parade; many of them observed the Puerto Vallarta stand and received information on the natural attractions, routes, the printed magazine Out & About PV, infrastructure and specific offers for this segment by the representative of the Tourism Trust, Ereth Santellanes.



This destination managed to be promoted capturing the attention of the important LGBT+ tourism segment, which according to recent statistics shared in the IGLTA Convention in New York, the Gen X traveler (37 to 54 years old) in North America is the main market to the destination, made in 2018 approximately 6.5 trips. To show a positive image to the community and the recommendation factor of word of mouth and brand identification with issues related to the community are important aspects for travel decision making. Additionally, the average spending of LGBT+ visitors is higher thanks to the double income without children, therefore the high propensity to travel, confirmed Luis Villaseñor, Director of Promotion and Public Relations of the Tourism Trust.


The Toronto Pride is an accessible and fun event for all participants and it makes it a very important showcase to promote destinations and services, and, in this occasion was made great impulse to the promotion of egalitarian weddings in the destination.


All those who approached the Puerto Vallarta module showed empathy for the brand, already recognized as ‘gay friendly’ by this community, shared their regular visit to the destination where they have had great experiences and hope to return soon; Those who have not visited yet, they have the Port on their list of places to visit due to the high popularity of our city in the community, said the local representative.



It is worth mentioning that the Gay Pride Parade not only celebrates the LGBT community but also seeks to celebrate all the diversity of life, while respecting the differences between citizens and visitors, and creates an inclusive experience for all. This event is carried out by non-profit organizations that support local and foreign communities that work to guarantee equality of rights and represent each person of different sexual identities and gender, by creating spaces for current and following generations.


You can also see spectacular parades, presentations and many other things. The collective diversity allows to foment important conversations between people of different age, origin, race, religion, socio-economy and experience.

It was in this diverse context that Puerto Vallarta, the most friendly city in the world, took its invitation to visit us, as a gay friendly destination with a wide range of services and experiences, recently named the second best LGBT+ beach destination in the world. by Newsweek, only after Tel Aviv.


As is well known, in winter Toronto has very cold temperatures, so many of the people attending the parade have already started making plans for that period, and with this activation, this port is one of their first options.


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