Puerto Vallarta International Airport Prepares for Quick Entry with Autonomous Immigration Filters

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It’s taken almost a year since it was announced, but soon travelers arriving to Puerto Vallarta can expect a different entry process thanks to the recent installation of autonomous immigration filters at the city’s international airport.

While not yet operational – the machines have arrived and are awaiting testing and installation.

Once activated, the Autonomous Immigration Filters new will allow passengers on international flights to go through immigration procedures by simply scanning their passport and following on-screen instructions.

Puerto Vallarta becomes the third city in Mexico to use Autonomous Immigration Filters. Cancún and Mexico City are already equipped with advanced verification systems. These devices are designed to swiftly detect potential fraud or document falsifications, ensuring a safer and more reliable entry process.

The Autonomous Immigration Filters aligns with ongoing efforts by federal and airport authorities to modernize and streamline entry processes into the country.

The following steps outline the process for using these autonomous immigration filters:

  • Locate the designated line and have your passport at the ready.
  • Open your passport to the page containing your photograph and personal information.
  • Scan your passport on the reader. Position yourself within the designated yellow circle, where facial recognition will take place.
  • A series of validations will be conducted on your biographical, biometric, and flight information.
  • Upon successful completion of the process, a receipt bearing a QR code and a digital stamp will be issued.
  • Scan the QR code on the receipt and download the Multiple Digital Immigration Form from the website, which can be completed at your convenience before departing Mexico.


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