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The good news in terms of air connectivity continues for Puerto Vallarta, which remains a highly sought after destination, which is reflected in the announcement of new national and international flights.

On this occasion it is the national airline Volaris that announced that starting on Sunday, June 16, a connection will start from Phoenix, Arizona; The sale of the flight began on Friday, February 8 with very good expectations.

The airline reported that due to the growing demand that has been detected in the Phoenix market and its surroundings, it considered it opportune to start the operations of this new flight in the dates prior to the summer, when many travelers look for the beaches of Mexico to vacation.

As is well known, the Arizona market is one of the strongest in the south of the United States, its inhabitants know well the beaches of the Mexican Pacific, so for several years Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit are on the list of their favorite destinations to vacation in Mexico.

The executives of the airline commented that it has been very important the tourist promotion that is constantly carried out by the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau of the Riviera Nayarit, to channel the flight’s expectations towards the shares of sale.

Volaris has not only found a business niche among people of Mexican origin who live in Arizona and have relatives here, but among Americans who find very convenient rates and service. Currently it links Puerto Vallarta with Tijuana, Mexico City, Monterrey and more recently with the Bajío.

According to the airline, the interest of travelers from that area to fly to Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit is growing, because they have found the ideal mix of an attractive and safe beach tourist destination, and with high quality services that adapt to the budgets of travelers.

The expectations of the flight are high, given that there is a very large market of both people of Mexican origin and Americans who like to vacation in our country, so the airline started this operation that will be permanent.

The first flight sales monitoring on the airline’s website indicates that reservations are progressing steadily, which is interpreted as a good omen that the connection will be successful; sales can be enhanced by the work of travel agents and wholesale agencies in Mexico and the United States.

The flight to Phoenix joins the recent announcements of air links to the United States and Canada, as is the case of Suncountry that will start a new flight from Las Vegas, as well as Swoop that at the beginning of the year started a couple of links from Hamilton and Abbotsford, Canada.