Pause Clinic Provides Psychology Support for those Transitioning

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Puerto Vallarta has a great new service for those individuals who identify as transgender and are looking to transition.

With patients seeking treatment at Pause from a national and international population, the service is a natural part of the other services that Pause offers its transgender clients. 

Since January 2020, Puerto Vallarta became the first municipality in Jalisco where a transgender person can change their birth certificate without the need for an Amparo. This move mirrors Puerto Vallarta’s international recognition as one of the main tourist destinations for the LGBTQ community.

Psychologist Lic. Jannine Oceguera
Psychologist Lic. Jannine Oceguera

Psychologist Lic. Jannine Oceguera, who has a master’s degree in Sexuality, offers guidance and support for comprehensive management of those transgender patients who are seeking or in transition. Oceguera is a specialist in comprehensive sexual education, and is a recognized expert giving workshops and talks on topics that include same sex couple relationships, the prevention of gender violence and the psychological accompaniment of trans people and couples of the same gender who begin fertility procedures to have children.

She works with Dr. Cinthia Becerra, who is one of the precursors in Mexico of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy which, as opposed to traditional medicine, represents a less aggressive treatment for gender dysphoria.

Both play a key role from the beginning of the process and help identify needs and help create a path forward. In addition, both professionals assign each of their transgender patients a mentor, someone from the LGBTQ + community who has already gone through the same process and can support them and share her/his experience.

Oceguera explained that the psychological therapy is part of a comprehensive part of the transition process, and involves listening, identifying and developing solutions to the person’s needs before, during and after the transition process.

“Initially, an interview is carried out with the doctor who is in charge of the hormonalization process,” she explained. “That doctor will explain everything related to the biological aspects of what will happen to the body, and then we have a psychological session to resolve doubts, express emotions and feelings around the beginning of the transition and hormone procedure.”

But she stressed that the journey is different for every person, and the needs of each person is different, and each treatment plan is a tailor-made suit to fit the needs of that individual.

She added that the process includes an exploration of the life history of the person, along with a psychological assessment and to discuss financial implications of going through transition, and how practical approaches for life will need to be addressed. 

“And then we talk about the possibility of integrating family members into the person’s psychological support and to discuss having family educational sessions on sexuality,” she said. 

Currently the service is only offered to individuals of legal age, but Oceguera said they will work with parents who may have children who are struggling with transgender issues, and sessions can be set up to address education and psychological perspectives with the parents to help lay the groundwork. 

If you are interested the first step is to have a psychological assessment, which would also be conducted during and after the transition process. 

“The person who receives this assessment will have the full freedom to express their feelings in a space free of prejudices,” she said. “We welcome and open our arms to all.”

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Birth Certificate Gender Change becomes an Easy Process in Puerto Vallarta

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