Out and About With Marcia Blondin – No superstitions! Chris Lopez and His Magic at The Palm

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You can also read Marcia’s column “From Here” each week in the Puerto Vallarta publication The Mirror. You can view their online PDF of this weeks issue here. (First published online in the PV Mirror, by Marcia Blondin, October 13, 2023).

Marcia Blondin
Marcia Blondin

No superstitions!

It’s hard to type with your fingers crossed. I’m just sayin’!

We are finally getting copious amounts of rain this past week; I hope our aquifers can recover as swiftly as the Rio Cuale is moving. If we are mindful of our daily water usage, we should get through this winter just fine.

Close up of random scrabble alphabet letters

Our recent Scrabble tournament went well; I won. However, Bingo at Nacho Daddy last week was a different story. I won nothing! I was close, naturally, which only makes losing harder!

Marsha’s Red Room welcomed Bobbie Goddard back from her home and native land, Canada, as she hosted the Greatest Show last week at Act2PV. The talent was excellent as always, with Ale Matus and Dabit Azofeifa, our circus clowns, mixing it up with him on guitar accompanying his lovely wife in song. How many instruments do they play between them? Every week, these two pull another piece of talent from their seemingly endless supply to surprise us with their astonishing versatility. The Greatest is winding down, so get over to Act2PV and learn what the fuss has been all about. It will still be free.

The search for La Voz de la Catrina is down to four contestants. I will let you know the winner next week. For sure, SHE will have a show at everybody’s favorite Mexican cabaret, La Catrina Cantina, upstairs on Lazaro Cardenas in Zona Romantica.

The Palm Opening Season Graphic 2023

The Palm Cabaret and Bar unleashed two blockbusters last week – premiering was “Sex Bomb,” a tribute to Tom Jones and a refined, reordered tribute to Beyonce. The first show starred Argentine Nacho Granados, who has strayed easily from buttoned-down crooner into sex-symbol territory. He even has that catch in his voice in the back of his throat that makes Tom Jones sound so unique and so sexy. Nacho sang Pussycat, Delilah and other superhits but truly shone in “I (Who Have Nothing)” and the fastest version of 1971’s “Resurrection Shuffle” I have ever heard. In a second language with perfect diction! I was so impressed!

Beyonce is beautifully presented in all aspects – background videos, lighting, hair, makeup and clothes, the voice, and the stunning Cecile, who does not miss the tiniest nuance. She is saucy, sweet, demure, and the next second amazingly sexual, and when draped in sequins – stunning. She can dance, flirt and that soaring voice! It astonishes me that she is a he.

Chris Lopez is the producer for these and other shows at The Palm Cabaret – a genius at whatever he does. His videos defy reality, often blending vintage and local footage that will give you pause. It was his birthday, and he wept with the enormous success of these two extravaganzas that will enjoy a long run this 24th season at The Palm. Bravo, Maestro.

freddie mercury tribute the palm

Roy Cruz is back at The Palm channeling Freddie Mercury. His new show debuts on October 20 at 8 pm, but don’t wait! Join me and go again! Roy absolutely charms the audience and includes each of us with his eyes, smile and brilliant interpretation of Queen’s frontman. Roy’s costumes and those of his dancers are impeccable and true reproductions of the originals.

Following Freddie Mercury was another flawless performance by Cecille André in her tribute to Rhianna. Again, the singing, costuming, background videos and giving love to the audience were abundant and joyous. I can’t imagine the hours of rehearsals to bring this caliber of entertainment to Vallarta. It is certainly worthy of any major city in the world. A note here: if it is a Chris Lopez production, GO! It won’t matter if you need to ask, “Rhianna, who?” I guarantee you will be a fan by the end of the show.

The First Saturday of the Month Fiesta at Arte Vallarta Museo was held in the middle of a monsoon thanks to a passing hurricane. While those of us who braved the storm were a little soggy, we all enjoyed harp music by the beautiful D’Rachel and loved seeing the new exhibits for Day of the Dead. There is much excitement for upcoming International artists arriving at the Museo for their first exhibits in Mexico. We are so eager to meet them and make them warmly welcome. Stay tuned for details, and hang on to your New York hats! Director Nathalie Herling ordered food for far more people than we were, so we ate lots of Chiles en Nogada – both vegetarian and original meat-filled versions were available. This wonderful dish created in 1821 in Puebla recreates the tricolors of the Mexican flag with stuffed green chile poblano, covered in a white walnut sauce, then sprinkled with bright red pomegranate seeds. Tasty and lovely to look at. We ate in what will soon be the new restaurant on site. It is bound to be hugely popular with residents and tourists. Cooking classes will take place as well. More details to come!

My friend and neighbor Lisa Cham made good on her offer of letting me try her chocolate mousse with added chile. If it sounds bizarre, don’t worry; the taste is fantastic and not what you would expect at all. The chile seems to bind the flavors together and hold them fast. In other words, half an hour after you finish eating, the taste lingers, enticing you to eat more. Order two, at least; trust me on this! It is dark and thick (not filled with whipped air!), shiny and satiny-smooth, gloriously chocolatey and not overly sweet. In a word (that I rarely use), it is perfect. You are all welcome!

Coming up:

October 15, Sunday, 8 pm, The Palm Cabaret. Diana Valeria Villamonte presents her Season Opener, a tribute to Whitney Houston. It is produced by Chris Lopez.

October 18, Wednesday, 1 pm, Qulture. Scrabble. Bring your brain.

4 pm, Nacho Daddy. Bingo fundraiser for Colina Spay and Neuter Clinic.

7 pm, Act2PV, The Greatest Show. Only a few more of these freebies on the calendar!

9:30 pm, The Palm Cabaret. BOYS ON FIRE presents Temptations, a hot, hot, hot new show!

October 20, Friday, 5 – 8 pm, Casa Frida Retreat Center in Gaviotas. 350 pesos cash at the door. Space is limited; reserve with Jacqueline Patricia on Facebook. Find out about ancestral pain and conflict and deal with it with author Bernie Doran – who brings 30 years of experience to the table. I will see you there.

8 pm, The Palm Cabaret. Roy Gomez Cruz presents the Season Premiere of The Epic Freddie Mercury.

October 21, Saturday, 4 – 8 pm, Casa Karma Private Villa & Event SpaceToys for Tots Summer BBQ fundraiser. Great food, bar, live entertainment and more. See their ad in this issue of the PV Mirror for tickets and more info. See you there for bottomless margaritas!

Lots to see and do, and we have just begun to unfold our season and welcome back a few hundred thousand people a month. Please treat them with kindness always, From Here.


Marcia Blondin
Cell 322 159 9675

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