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Puerto Vallarta is recognized internationally as the second most important beach destination for the gay community after Tel Aviv, Israel; a distinctive that is fundamental for the economy, tourism and employment.

“In this paradise, the times of homophobia are being forgotten, it is a new era. Personally I had the opportunity to officiate the civil union of the first two same-sex couples in our city and participate with my wife and collaborators in the march of pride for two years. ” The mayor said.

He also said that Puerto Vallarta is a model city in economic prosperity and that in coordination with the Association of Commerce and Tourism LGBT, two police modules, surveillance 24 hours a day and bilingual staff will take place at one of the busiest parks in the city.

The mayor expressed his commitment to continue strengthening Puerto Vallarta as an inclusive destination, in which there is equality and non-discrimination and the human rights of all are respected. “I am a municipal president who works for all and for all,” he said.

In the framework of this commemoration, acknowledgments were given to Ed Thomas, founder of the association that has his name (SETAC), Francisco Arjona, director of the association Vallarta Enfrenta el SIDA AC, and SETAC director, William Hevener, organizer of Vallarta Pride, Paul Crist, founder of the association Vallarta Enfrenta el Sida AC and Héctor Ramírez Betancourt, politician in favor of the LGBT community.

There were also present Vidal Meza Peña, president of the LGBT Trade and Tourism Association, Víctor Manuel Bernal Vargas, director of Social Development; Misael López Muro, director of Citizen Security, and Norma Angélica Joya Carrillo, president of the building commission for Gender Equality and Human Integral Development, as well as councilors of the City Council.


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