New ‘Street Food Fiesta’ Tour Takes Foodies on Delicious Journey Through Puerto Vallarta

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Photos by Oscar Almeida

Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant food scene unfolded bite by delicious bite on the all-new Street Food Fiesta Tour with Vallarta Eats.

On a recent tour that I and photographer Oscar went on, we were led by the knowledgeable Ricky (Ricardo), a Colima native with a year under his belt at Vallarta Eats.

Sonorita Olas Altas food tour 2

The tour started at Sonorita Olas Altas, a restaurant named after the owner’s Sonoran heritage. Here, we sipped refreshing agua fresca served in eco-friendly cups, a testament to Vallarta Eats’ commitment to sustainability. The star of the show? A mouthwatering pork volcanes al pastor – marinated al pastor atop melted Asadero cheese on a black corn tostada.

Next stop was Dona Chela, where we delved into their family recipes. A unique pozole soup tantalized our taste buds, followed by a truly delightful mashed potato taco. Our walk continued to Taqueria Las Gueras, a daytime haunt known as Macareno. Run by three sisters raised in this very space, they treated us to a massive al pastor quesadilla bursting with flavor.

Fonda El Cucon,
Fonda El Cucon,

Fonda El Cucon, a charming spot named after the owner’s pet parrot, offered a taste of Mexico beyond the borders. We savored two types of enchiladas – a rich mole Poblano and a slightly spicy chicken enchilada with guajillo pepper.

The adventure then shifted gears, hitting the taco stand scene. Tacos de Cabeza El Chulo introduced us to cabeza tacos – a Mexico City specialty featuring meat from the cow’s head (cheeks, lips, and neck). The tour continued with a stop at the Churro Guy for piping hot churros.

Taqueria El Moreno
Taqueria El Moreno

Taqueria El Moreno, a family-run stand passed down through generations, offered a quesadilla adobada with marinated pork and a unique corn-flour hybrid tortilla. Then it was Tacos Sahuayo, named after the owner Carlos’s hometown in Michoacan. Here, we indulged in classic tacos – al pastor and asada – both delicious with flavor.

Paleteria La Michoacana,
Paleteria La Michoacana,

The grand finale was a sweet one at Paleteria La Michoacana, a corner ice cream shop. Alfonso and Teresa, the owners, have been churning out over 30 flavors of ice cream every Thursday since 1993, providing the perfect ending to our culinary adventure.

The owner of Vallarta Eats Food Tours, Stephen Castrianni, explained that the tour was originally named “Feed the Bears Tour,” and was exclusively offered during Bear Week.

But, in an effort to support all of the loyal Vallarta Eats partners during low season, he redesigned the tour as the “Street Food Fiesta” tour with stops at every one of their partner locations.

The tour is 3.5 hours long, and the cost is $76 USD. It departs at 6 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Capacity is limited to eight guests. This tour offers the most food in the history of Vallarta Eats Food Tours, so be prepared to eat.

If that’s too much food, or not your style, Vallarta Eats offers eight more tours. You can check them out here.

A great feature of a Vallarta Eats Food Tour is that each participant will receive an email the day following the tour with a list of the venues visited, what was served, and a link to Google, which will enable each guest to find and return to the particular space that most appealed to them.

Information to Know:

Vallarta Eats Food Tours, Street Food Fiesta Tour
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+52 322 175 4857
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vallarta-Eats-Food-Tours-189936744373712/
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