MisterBnB Survey Says Americans Pick PV as a Top Destination

The beach is the top choice for a majority of LGBTQ travelers

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A new travel survery from LGBTQ misterBnB, an online short-term rental and hotel booking site for LGBTQ travelers, has rated Puerto Vallarta as #6 on the places that gays plan to travel to when the pandemic releases its grip on the world.

Close to 6,000 responded to the survey, including 30% from the US, 12% from France and 9% from the UK.

The beach is the top choice for a majority of LGBTQ travelers, right before urban destinations and city trips, nature adventures in the countryside or in the mountains and last, LGBTQ events (most of them, including some of the iconic gay summer festivals have been canceled or postponed). If you look more closely, you realize that American travelers put nature on top of their list, when Europeans put the Beach #1. The youngest (18-34 yo) are more likely to attend an LGBTQ event. When asked about other kind of vacation, most replied “family/friends”, “Cultural or Educational” and “Sports”.

Exactly when travelers plan to start making their plans really varies based on different scenarios presented, but most want to wait for a vaccine – 71 percent of American participants are planning to wait for the vaccine to begin traveling again, but  60 percent of Europeans will simply wait until travel restrictions are lifted, vaccine or not.

Top Destinations for US LGBTQ Travelers

#1    Palm Springs
#2    Florida
#3    New York City
#4    Fort Lauderdale
#5    Provincetown
#6    Puerto Vallarta
#7    San Francisco
#8    New Orleans
#9    Mexico
#10  Las Vegas


And where do travelers want to stay? Hotel and Resorts come first, especially for American travelers, as they perceive them as safer in terms of cleaning and disinfecting. When choosing a place on misterb&b, LGBTQ travelers have a preference for entire places rather than private rooms where you will need to stay with a host.

American travelers seem to be more focussed on cleanliness and Covid-19 guidelines than Europeans who have “Flexibility” as their #1 reason to choose a misterb&b.

For those who answered with “Hotel/Resort”, they were asked what kind of hotels they prefer when traveling for business or for leisure: 43% go for Mid-range hotels, 22% for Gay hotels and 12% for Boutique hotels when traveling for leisure. For their business trips, they go for Mid-range hotels too (47%) but Luxury comes second (22%) and Gay third (14%).

Last, the survey asked LGBTQ travelers if the recent health and economic crisis had an impact on their financial situation and their travel budget: a majority (54%) say they will spend the same as usual for their trip, compared to 21% who will spend less this time and 12% more.

See the full results of the LGBTQ travel survey on the misterBnB website.

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