Meet Juan: One of Puerto Vallarta’s Very Interesting People

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Meet Juan, a gentle fellow who says he is 94 years old. He is ‘out and about’ in Old Town Vallarta, sweeping the outside of the street which surrounds his tiny collapsible kiosk table. He is there EVERY morning at FIVE am except during the time he dodders off to OXXO to buy his fresh morning coffee.  

Juan’s kiosk is tucked away, almost hidden, alongside a building whose construction was stopped. If you walk in Old Town, he can be found on the Malecon.  His tiny one table is full of beaded items for sale and is just past Daiquiri Dick’s and kitty corner to Serrano’s Meat House.

If you drive, Juan can be found at the end of Lazaro Cardena street and across from the Park.  If you ever see  him, give him a smile and perhaps take a second to greet with  hola.  

P.S. If you daily walk your dog by his stall, keep an eye out for Juan as he might be in high spirits and thus playfully blow you a full on face smile with twinkling bright eyes, kiss!

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