Living Outside the Bubble of Zona Romantic: Peru and San Salvador

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by Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Davalos

I moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2008, from the North of Mexico; the first area I lived in was Cinco de Diciembre.

I picked that Colonia to live and start my new life in Puerto Vallarta because I got the best value for my money on the Rental Market, connectivity, location, walking distance to everything.

I could take the bus to the hotel where I worked very quickly; I lived in Peru and San Salvador street.

I loved and still love my visit to the fish market, where it is widespread to see the local chefs of different well-known restaurants go every Morning to pick the catch of the day.

I remember to get fresh tuna and make a good tuna ceviche, saved on my little fridge at the time. A few steps from there, literally, is the cemetery. So if you are in town during November festivities, you can’t miss one of my favorites traditions, which is a day of the dead.

I remember close into that area still a very affordable store, like everything at 15 pesos, which you can find everything you may need for a fresh start.

Calmate Cafe on 218 Honduras

Right now, one of my favorites things to do when I’m around that area is to stop at Calmate Cafe on 218 Honduras.

Get a bowl with spinach, sweet potato, fresh veggies, lentils, and more, or start your day with a delicious cup of coffee accompanied with Peanut butter bread.

Living outside the bubble has been written with the only goal to show you what’s outside Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica, aka Romantic Zone.

I hope you enjoy my experiences in town, and eventually, if you see me around town, you stop me and say hi and share your experiences.

Alfonso ‘ Poncho’  Davalos is a Real Estate agent and Managing Director for The Agency Puerto Vallarta; he loves to give to the community, helps Sula Society, A Dogs New Life, and SPCA. Feel free to send him an e-mail at: for more information. 

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