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Hurricane ‘Nora’ caused damage to drinking water pipes and drainage in Puerto Vallarta

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Hurricane Nora caused damage in PV. The habitants of Puerto Vallarta are suffering from the lack of drinking water. Since in more than 80% of the neighborhoods the vital liquid is scarce.

Hurricane “Nora” caused damage to the water catchment infrastructure of the rivers and caused the collapse of more than 1,500 lines of drinking water pipes and 1,100 drainage. Informed Oscar Castellón Rodríguez, the agency’s operational director.

According to the official, the general damage to SEAPAL’s infrastructure exceeds 60 million pesos.

Seapal reported that it will be necessary to rebuild affected drinking water lines. Those are in the Cuale, Pitillal rivers and various road crossings.

Once the pipe in Las Juntas is finished, the 9 wells in that area will come into operation. But not those affected by the hurricane that are pending repair. Although these are already working, but not at the top of their capacity.

Currently, priority is given to the work carried out in the municipal agency of Playa, where 16 thousand inhabitants were directly affected; as well as 20 other neighborhoods in the El Pitillal delegation. Which affects the rest of the service as it requires working together.

He finally gave a message to the inhabitants that they have a normal water service.

“Ration the liquid so that in the areas where there was greater damage the levels in the tanks and the pressure in the lines are improved. To gradually contribute to the efforts of the agency in normalizing the service.”

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