Kenya Cuevas: Inspiring and Educating in Puerto Vallarta

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The vibrant weekend of November 10th, 2023, in Puerto Vallarta was marked by the presence of the iconic activist, Kenya Cuevas. The reason for her visit was an emblematic event in the city: the Rainbow Race, a celebration of inclusion and sport promoting diversity within the LGBT+ community.

Kenya Cuevas, recognized for her tireless work in defending the rights of transgender individuals in Mexico, founder of the first shelter for trans women and director of Casa de las Muñecas Tiresias, has long been a beacon of hope and a symbol of constant struggle for inclusion well before her arrival in Puerto Vallarta.

The screening of her documentary, “Kenya,” was one of the highlights. The film chronicles her life after the tragic murder of her friend and fellow sex worker, Paola Buenrostro. This event marked a turning point in the defense of rights and dignity for trans sex workers in Mexico.

Photos by Oscar Almeida

During her stay in the city, Kenya did not confine herself to formal events alone. She actively participated in raising the rainbow flag and supported the Rainbow Race, demonstrating her backing for inclusivity and sports within the LGBT+ community. Her charisma, humble spirit, and commitment to equality left an indelible mark on those who had the honor of sharing moments with her.

However, the flag-raising also revealed challenges. Polarization on our social media platforms highlighted the ongoing need to promote tolerance and respect for diversity. We invite you to watch the video of the flag-raising moment.

Kenya Cuevas’ visit to Puerto Vallarta not only highlighted her fight for transgender equality and visibility but also reinforced the importance of inclusive sports events like the Rainbow Race in building a more tolerant and respectful society.

Finally, a special thank you to the Rainbow Race for making Kenya’s visit to our community possible, and to all organizers for their dedication and effort in creating spaces of inclusion and diversity in Puerto Vallarta.

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