Former SETAC Employees Seek Back Pay After Unpaid Wages and Employer Retaliation

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Four former employees of the now closed Solidaridad Ed Thomas Asociación Civil (SETAC) are pursuing legal actions to recover more than $200,000 pesos in unpaid wages.

The four employees, who requested anonymity fearing retaliation, shared their story through a group spokesperson.

They have attended four government hearings to resolve the issue. However, former Executive Director Paco Arjona (Francisco Javier Arjona Barbosa) only attended the first hearing, which involved all employees. He did not appear at the subsequent individual hearings.

At its peak, SETAC employed at least eight full-time staff members, excluding contractors, and had a yearly budget of approximately $3.2 million pesos (approximately $192,705 USD). These funds covered rent for two locations, staff salaries, and client services.

“We’re waiting for the legal system to run its course,” the spokesperson stated. “Patience is key.”

Finding new employment proved difficult for the former employees due to negative references from SETAC.

“Paco told potential employers they were bad workers,” the spokesperson alleged. “This resulted in job cancellations and caused significant stress. The harm extends beyond the unpaid wages.”

The employees have secured new jobs, but the experience has left a lasting impact.

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