Celebrating Women Artists, ROMPE will Transform Public Spaces and Highlight Work of Women in the Arts

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Almost the entire month of March, March 6 to 25, 2023, has been set aside to celebrate female artists throughout Puerto Vallarta and highlight the work of women artists from Puerto Vallarta, CUC graduates and special guests. 

The initiative coincides with international women’s day, which takes place on March 8, 2023. International Women’s Day is celebrated annually as a global day focusing on the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

The work and workshops mark the second year of the ROMPE art festival, where murals will be painted on public spaces and sports courts will be transformed and rehabilitated into places of coexistence that inspire culture and transform the community through art. Free workshops will also be held by the Office of Cultural Projects.

“These public spaces will be transformed with the purpose of celebrating and disseminating the artistic work done by women,” explained “Sharo García, director of ROMPE. “Our goal is to not only highlight the work of women artists and expose that work in public spaces, but also help recover and reactivate those spaces.”

rompe art festival

She went on to add that “in addition to making society in general an awareness of gender equality through art and culture, promoting the creative activity of women artists and promoting the bonds of community.”

The artists in charge of each of the restorations are @dulcenopronto @GIGI.ART and PALMARIUMMX

The sports spaces that will be rehabilitated are:

Sports court of Colonia Marina
Sports court of the Colony December 5
Sports court of the Colonia Arboledas
Sports court of the Colonia Aralias
Sports court of La Coloma Ixtapa
Sports field of the Colonia Joyas del Pedregal

“The project seeks to inspire and motivate new generations of girls, adolescents, and older adults to discover new opportunities in art,” explained Councilor Carla Castro.

“We seek to generate memorable projects and experiences through culture, education, health, sport and the arts,” added Carla Helana Castro López, president of the Cultural Heritage Commission.

Luis Escoto Martinez, director of the Vallarta Institute of Culture. IVC, talked about how artistic and cultural activities are directly reflected in the rates of vandalism in Vallarta youth

All of this was announced during a press conference, held at the Joint Coworking Hotel in Emiliano Zapata.

Present at the press conference were:

Carla Helena Castro Lopez, President of the Cultural Building Commission

Sharo Garcia, Director of ROMPE

Daniel López Coronado representing Director Álvaro Gomez Bottle, Director of the Municipal Sports Council, COMUDE.

Paola Cortés Almanzar, Head of the Department of Arts. Education and Humanities of the CUCosta

Sayurl Sánchez, Assistant Director of the Office of Cultural Projects. OPC

Lupita Basulto “Cultural Manager, CUCosta Academic and Project Advisor

Christian Alexis Velasco, Hotel operations manager Joint Coworking Hotel

The project is a collaboration between the artists, the municipal government,  the University of Guadalajara,  local businessmen and academics.  The members of the project  also invited the public to get closer and learn about the project, watch the artists at work at the sports courts and attend the free workshops that the Office of Cultural Projects will hold.

Sayuri Sanchez, assistant director of the Office of Cultural Projects, said the director of COMUDE showed his support for the cause and facilitated access to the spaces that are going to be restored.

ROMPE held its press conference at the Joint Coworking Hotel
ROMPE held its press conference at the Joint Coworking Hotel

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