Beefcakes Bar Unveils Its Grand New Venue

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Photos by Oscar Almeida

BEEFCAKES BAR celebrated its exciting entrance onto the Puerto Vallarta entertainment scene the night of Friday, December 16, 2023. 

A large, enthusiastic crowd was on hand to christen the grand new venue that will bring a kinetic energy into the nights and early mornings of the gay party circuit. 

As champagne flowed and revelers enjoyed amazing sushi, BEEFCAKES BAR Manager Hector Morales gave a heartfelt toast, welcoming everyone to a night that has been eagerly anticipated. The physical space itself is massive, slate grey walls and columns give way to a starkly black ceiling, which combined with the cement floor exude a modern industrial feel throughout. 

All exterior windows at BEEFCAKES BAR are a frosted etched glass, giving a feel of separation from the world outside. Speaking of what is outside; it’s a cool courtyard underneath the well known Act2PV complex. Tables are abundant, and several patrons were enjoying the freshness of the mid December night. Inside, colorful neon signs run the gamut from; Till Death Do Us Party, Normal Gets You Nowhere, and Icing On The Cake, all providing a bright and cheery touch. 

Inside BEEFCAKES BAR you’ll find swirling laser lights, combined with a giant screen playing wildly eclectic videos with go-go boys dancing nearby added to the feverish energy of the moment. 

Three bars were alive with movement, the massive main bar, and on the opposite side of the room, a smaller corner bar. Just around that corner, an artistically inspired hallway leads to a dark room replete with its own bar, lockers, and a large area with a shower and videos of beefcakes in varying stages of ecstasy. 

I was able to speak with the aforementioned BEEFCAKES BAR Manager Hector Morales who graciously took time to speak with me in the midst of the hoopla surrounding us. 

I learned the space has the capacity for 600 people, who can expect to enjoy a wildly diverse range of; House, Tribal, and Tech music throughout each night. Hector mentioned a performance will take place on weekends at midnight featuring singers, dancers and go-go dancers as well. 

The goal of BEEFCAKES is to share different music, a totally different ambiance, and bring something to PV that has been missing from the local scene. 

Come visit soon to experience the electrifying new ambiance that BEEFCAKES BAR will bring to the endless nights of Puerto Vallarta.   

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Insurgentes 330-B, Zona Romantica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380
Open Daily 6:00 pm to 4:00 am
+52 322 131 9346

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