Bars, Clubs to Reopen in September

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Bars and clubs will reopen in September, say Puerto Vallarta authorities, as a means to help reactivate the economy in the tourist destination. In Puerto Vallarta, 98 percent of economic activity depends on tourism, which is why they propose the opening in a way that prevents the spread of infections in bars, clubs, and nightclubs.

But those openings will also come with specific health protocols to help contain Covid-19 said Susana Rodriguez Mejia, the Director of Beach Tourism for Jalisco. The announcement was made at a recent meeting of the Covid-19 Board of the Jalisco Health Secretariat.

Some of the health protocols include random Covid-19 testing, and masking.

Rodriguez said that cases have decreased in the last three weeks.

But government data shows that while contagions were expected to start dropping a week ago (IHME projections). As locals and tourists grow tired of the mitigation strategies (masks, social distancing, etc) the third wave has been worse that authorities expected. The week of July 22 there were 1,935 infections reported, while the week of August 4 there were 1,506 infections reported, which shows a declining trend of 22%. Cases have now stabilized at an average rate of 200 cases per day. On August 17, Puerto Vallarta recorded one of its highest days of infections since the beginning of the pandemic with 389 new cases.

Find information on visiting Puerto Vallarta during Covid-19 here.

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