Aunt Pera Taqueria and the adversities faced by covid

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After almost 27 years of experience making tacos on the same corner. Taquería Aunt Pera Taqueria continues to delight people in the romantic zone with her flavor and good vibes. However, it has seen several changes in its clientele and a decrease in sales of up to 60%.

August has been a month with restrictions in Vallarta such as; close clubs and bars, and close restaurants at 12am. Which may represent a change in business, this is what Aunt Pera has experienced:

“Well, this is supposed to be a good season, but due to the events that are happening, everything becomes more difficult, since money is invested in buying food, salaries and other things and it turns out that the governor put us these restrictions, and most of my clients come from clubs and bars, so it affected my business a lot. ”

Like Aunt Pera, quite a few businesses have seen a drop in their sales compared to other years, especially in August and although the amount is not an exact amount of money, we can try to calculate the percentages of the decrease. Just like Aunt Pear did:

“I would say 50 or 60% but thank God even few people are here. The bad thing is that at 12 o’clock everything ends”

And not only Vallarta, but the whole world has gone through difficult situations, stemming from the covid. Vallarta, being a tourist city, can be greatly affected if the number of tourists that enter is less than in previous years. However, it is interesting to ask yourself, what type of tourist do you see the most lately for business? Local or foreign? To which Aunt Pear answered us;

“Of both, but smaller. Mexicans and Canadians come, but they are people who already live here. Since very few foreigners can come because of the restrictions placed on Americans and Canadians. ”

However, despite the adversities that Aunt Pera has experienced, she does not lose faith in her business. He even invited us to be part of his 27th anniversary this September 25

“I will make pozole for all my clients, I make 3 to 4 pots and I give it away, I announce it at once, I hope it can appear in the magazine. The pozole starts at 10 at night for all my clients. ”

So if you find yourself in Vallarta this September 25, do not hesitate to go for your pozole dish at Aunt Pera Taqueria.

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