Are you drinking tequila ‘the Mexican way’?

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National Tequila Day was earlier this week. An extensive—or maybe just cursory—search online came up with very little information as it regards the origin of this landmark and even which ‘nation’ celebrates it. Regardless, articles abound as to the best means to imbibe Mexico’s signature distilled beverage.

I’m willing to own up to my ignorance. I didn’t know much about tequila until I arrived here. Now, amid all this information online, most of which is targeted to Americans, there are a few surprises (at least for me).

1. It’s technically a mezcal, according to this Town & Country article. Further, not all mezcals are tequila.

2. Blanco tequila is the only type of tequila that won’t give you a hangover, because it includes no added sugar or corn syrup. The big news here, yes, is that the others INCLUDE added sugar or corn syrup.

3. Bing Crosby first imported tequila en masse to the United States in the 1950s.

4. If we were living right now in 1918—a significant flu epidemic hit that year—we’d be advised by doctors to drink tequila with lime and salt as a remedy.

These last two points came from this quiz. My score: 2/10 ?

5. The origin of the word “tequila” is not clear, with at least three potential explanations.

6. Though the agave used to produce tequila is often harvested before it has a chance to flower, they are chiropterophilous, meaning that they’re pollinated by bats.

7. Though tequilas in Mexico are sipped (and not gulped in a shot glass), a “traditional Mexican chaser” is yet another shot, called Sangrita.

Use this information as you wish.




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