Upcoming Incanto Production ISO ‘Naked Boy’ Singers


Naked Boys Singing! is a traditional American musical Vaudeville-style revue, with direction by Robert Schrock, the original creator, that features six actors who sing and dance naked.

This campy Off-Broadway musical comedy opened on July 22, 1999, at the Actors’ Playhouse in New York City. A host of contributing writers includes Robert Schrock, Bruce Vilanch, and Ben Schaechter.

Shortly after the original Off-Broadway closed, producers decided to transfer their smash hit Provincetown adaption of Naked Boys Singing! to the Off-Broadway Stage, and it’s still enjoying a healthy run today.

Now Naked Boys Singing! will celebrate its 20th Anniversary with a brand new production in Mexico at Incanto starting October 30, 2018, with an open run, directed by the guy who conceived it all, Robert Schrock. This hilarious, international, smash-hit musical revue features six men who show it all as they they sing about being, well … naked! Please note that eroticism is not intended to be part of the show.

Auditions will be held at Incanto on August 9th. Please visit Incanto’s website www.IncantoVallarta.com for more details. Click on ‘About Us’ then on ‘Press Releases’, or just follow this link.








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