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World Travel Safety Seal Will Assure Puerto Vallarta Visitors of Proper Cleaning Protocols

Jalisco joined the hygiene protocols of the World Travel and Tourism Council and was already certified

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Puerto Vallarta complies with the world class hygiene and sanitation standards in its facilities, it was recognized with the Travel Safety Stamp that the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC ) granted to the Jalisco state.

The seal has the backing of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and more than 200 CEOs of the main business groups in the sector around the world, and is delivered to destinations that fully comply with the cleaning protocols issued by the WTTC, based on the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC).

The Secure Travel Stamp arrives at the best time, since this Monday, June 15, the tourist reopening stage of the main beach destination of Jalisco begins, with the reactivation of hotel facilities and the opening of beaches to the public, beautiful attraction natural of a port that is in optimal conditions to receive visitors.

In granting the recognition, the president and CEO of the WTTC, Gloria Guevara Manzo, highlighted the importance of Jalisco’s beaches , its formidable climate and gastronomy, which are also internationally renowned.

He specified that the issuance of the Secure Travel Seal aims to provide confidence to tourists and service providers in the tourism industry, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“At the WTTC we are pleased to grant the seal to the State of Jalisco, since the restoration of safe travel and tourism is a priority at this time, due to its important contribution as an engine of the economy,” he said.

Jalisco is a world-class destination, emblematic for being the cradle of mariachi and tequila , which are two of the main ambassadors of national tradition around the world.


For his part, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, Governor of Jalisco, indicated that with technical support, with the endorsement and validation of the health sector, they allow us to take a first step to start the gradual revival of the economy in places like Puerto Vallarta.

“We have made decisions that have allowed us to adjust the definitions so that the hotel and tourism activity can begin its recovery process. For Jalisco, the most important thing is to protect the health of visitors and service providers. ”

For his part, the Jalisco Secretary of Tourism, Germán Ralis Cumplido, said that “it is a pride for our state to have the Secure Travel Seal of the World Travel and Tourism Council, the obtaining of which is the result of the joint effort of the Secretariat of the industry and the tourism industry, the hotel sector and service providers, to build protocols that generate confidence for visitors. This seal places us among the leading destinations worldwide ”.

The beaches and mountains of Puerto Vallarta add to the music of mariachi, tequila and the Mexican national sport of charrería, as symbols of Jalisco , a state rich in culture that houses some of the most emblematic destinations in Mexico, including the capital city. , Guadalajara, the blue agave fields of the Pueblo Mágico Tequila, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Puerto Vallarta receives 5 of the 31 million visitors per year who come to Jalisco , and has always been at the forefront of the leisure tourism, business and meeting industry.

The Puerto Vallarta tourism sector works together, with comprehensive protocols already endorsed by the World Travel and Tourism Council , and makes its best effort to promote the responsible revival of tourism, which in 2019 contributed 10.3% of global GDP and was responsible for generating one in four of the new jobs on the planet.

Puerto Vallarta gives confidence, enjoy a safe trip to the main beach destination of Jalisco. We will wait for you.

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