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With the ongoing pandemic and no end in sight, a new virtual entertainment venue via a Facebook group has launched, thanks to the efforts of local entertain Tonny Kenneth.

Virtual Stages Puerto Vallarta on Facebook came to Kenneth one evening while he was brainstorm how to continue to help the entertainment community and frankly, help develop a reliable venue for entertainers to showcase their work for tips.

Tonny Kenneth
Tonny Kenneth Photo: Gabriel Mejía

“It’s a space created for artists and their fans,” Kenneth said. “If you are an artist of any kind, singer, actor/actress, dancer or other entertainer, and you don’t have a platform or want to expand your current platform, this is for you.”

Kenneth said artists are able to showcase their work and promote upcoming shows through the Facebook group.

“In this space all artists will be supported equally,” he said. “We all have to help each other get through this.”

Kenneth is well known for his singing and performing talents but also for his energy to help other artists on promoting their shows or collaborating.

“During these stressful times, people need entertainment. They need a way to escape, and enjoy themselves,” he said. “The world is changing every day and live streaming is our new stage.”

Join the Facebook group “Virtual Stages Puerto Vallarta” to support local artists and watch some great shows.

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