There are only a couple days left, so go get your final votes in!  Here, at this link.

The USA Today/ readers’ choice survey has identified the Vallarta Botanical Garden in its top 20 across all of North America, and it’s up to online voters — that’s you and me — to select the winner. You’ll notice on the website now that there is no “current” ranking among the nominees. Last anybody checked, before organizers removed the current rankings, the VBG had risen to the #2 position!

Last year the Minnesota Landscape Aboretum was the winner. That garden, located in Chaska, Minnesota, is included in this year’s list along with the entire top 4. See last year’s winners.

According to the experts who compiled the final list, “the best gardens and arboretums on the continent, like these 20 nominated, help to promote and conserve the plant diversity of our planet, all while showcasing their vast collections in stunning, visitor friendly ways.” See the entire slate of 20 nominees for 2018.

We profiled the garden and its founder, Bob Price, in the premiere issue of O&APV in April. Read it here. The Vallarta Botanical Garden is open from 9am-6pm daily, six days/week (the garden is closed Mondays from April to November).

Vote for the Vallarta Botanical Garden.



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