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Tribute to Ken Cook

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The purpose of this article is to introduce a great friend and above all, a great human being. Dear Ken, we love you, these words are for you …

On July 8, 2021, everyone in the community woke up to the unfortunate news that our dear friend Ken Cook had gone to a better place.

Kind, always smiling and quite cheerful, Ken was that friend you always want to have by your side, through thick and thin. Loved by the entire community and known entirely for being a person you could count on. He supported people who really needed him many times, both in person and financially, depending on what was needed, you could always find Ken in noble causes and more in the difficult times that we are living.

And not only are many people grateful to Ken, but so are many animals. Since he adored them, he always did his best to support foundations and give food to little friends in need.

17 years ago Vallarta saw Ken arrive, and since then he has remained here, “it is my paradise on earth,” he said. Now that the same paradise that I love so much saw him leave and all the people he met here feel the great happiness of having met a great human being and the sadness of having lost him.


We appreciate the help of his dear friend Kevin Ferrer for having provided us with more information about Ken and leaving some nice words that he wanted to say to you with great affection:

“Thank you for the support, for all the love and for being with us in those incredible moments. Let’s remember Ken, for the great person he was, cheerful and funny. An honor to have met him”

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