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Taquería Tía Pera Feels Threatened

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After the nightlife, partying and drinking, it is always good to find a good place to eat and if you are in the romantic area that better than the famous taquería “la tía pera”.

Located on the corner of Ignacio L. Vallarta in the romantic zone we can find the famous tacos of Mrs. Esperanza Miramontes Vargas, better known as “la tía pera”.

Being a faithful friend of the community and pampering hungry stomachs. Aunt Pera is characterized by treating the costumers like a family. After 27 years working in the same area she knows very well how to pamper her nephews.

However, the path that she has traveled during all this time has not been easy for our dear aunt pera. Since various businesses have tried to harass her over and over again. For this very reason our dear aunt today asks for our help with a petition.

“The purpose of this petition is to give full consent and support to “Tía Pera” so that she can continue to operate her business permanently in her current location, by virtue of being intimidated by her direct competition, an act that I qualify as unfair competition, since your business has all the municipal permits to operate legally. ” The petition sheet says.

Given this, we spoke with the dear aunt and asked her what she would say to her nephews and this she replied:

“That they support me so that I can stay here. The authorities, the neighbors, that the sun shines for everyone. They will have their people and I have mine. Each one doing their business as it should be and it’s over”

So if you want to support the taquería la tía pera you can sign the petition. This will achieve greater visibility of the problem and support will increase.

Sign the petition here.

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