Tribute To Kasandra Castro Will Be After The Contingency

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Photo. Abraham Solares

On April 13, the closest friends of Kasandra Castro, the drag queen at different bars in Zona Romantica, announced with deep sadness to the Vallarta community about her sensitive death.

Tomás, better known as Kasandra Castro, spent about a year with health complications, which they mention, was deteriorating more and more.

Photo. Abraham Solares

Due to the current contingency that has gradually invaded the nations, it was not possible to perform the funeral services. The body of Tomás was cremated and the ashes will be preserved in Puerto Vallarta until a close relative picks them up, as people close to drag queen mention that his last wish was to be buried with his mother.

Friends of the local artist announced that when the contingency has ended, the entertainer will be commemorated with a posthumous tribute.

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