Trans Protocol of the National Electoral Institute: Leveling Measures to Guarantee the Trans and LGBT+ Vote

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The National Electoral Institute (INE) has implemented the Trans Protocol to ensure that trans and LGBT+ people can exercise their right to vote without discrimination or obstacles. This protocol includes specific measures to ensure that all voters are treated with respect and fairness, regardless of their gender identity.

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Last week, on May 24, a conference for polling place officials was held at the National Electoral Institute in Puerto Vallarta. It should be added that this project was the brainchild of Electoral Assistant Trainers (CAE) Erick Bernabé Rocío Castro, Daniel Dalí Ramírez Nava and Jiapsai Franco García Castro (ARE 81, 87 and 95 respectively), whose purpose is to disseminate the Protocol to adopt measures to guarantee trans persons the exercise of the vote under equal conditions and without discrimination in all types of elections and mechanisms for citizen participation, of the National Electoral Institute.

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During the talks, attendees were informed about gender identity, who trans people are and how to ensure that all trans people with valid voting credentials can cast their vote.

One of the key points of the protocol is that in no case should the right to vote be impeded when the gender identity (including manner of dress, body modifications or physical characteristics) does not coincide with the photograph, name or sex registered on the voting credential. In addition, trans persons should not be questioned or asked for additional proof of their identity. The presentation of a voter’s credential is sufficient for them to vote, and unnecessary or invasive questionnaires should not be conducted.

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The protocol also specifies that all voters must be addressed by their last names and not by their first names, respecting their legal identity. Likewise, trans persons should be referred to according to their gender identity or using neutral pronouns.

Prohibiting trans persons who meet the legal requirements from casting their vote constitutes an electoral crime. In case of doubts or inconveniences in a box, it is recommended to contact INETEL: 800-433-2000. To report an electoral crime, the contact number is INETEL: 800-833-7233.

This protocol represents a significant advance towards inclusion and equality, ensuring that all people, regardless of their gender identity, can exercise their right to vote freely and without discrimination.

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