The Roaring 20s Return with a Modern Twist

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‘The New 20s’ Debuts in Puerto Vallarta at Nacho Daddy on April 20, 2024

Prepare to be transported back to a bygone era with a modern twist.

This April 20th and 21st, Nacho Daddy in Puerto Vallarta plays host to a one-night-only theatrical spectacle unlike any other: “The New 20s.” 

This unique production promises a whirlwind tour through the iconic roaring twenties, infused with the infectious energy and music of today.

Imagine the glitz and glam of the 1920s brought to life by a talented cast performing to the infectious rhythms of the Charleston. But here’s the unexpected twist: the soundtrack features everyone from Lady Gaga to Beyoncé.

Beto Sempere
Beto Sempere

The New 20s” is the brainchild of Beto Sempere, a seasoned dancer, choreographer, and director with over two decades of experience. 

Inspired by the “golden era” following World War I, Sempere has crafted a show that celebrates not only the iconic figures of the 1920s like Josephine Baker and Coco Chanel, but also the cultural revolution of the time – the rise of cinema, jazz, and a newfound female empowerment.

The story unfolds within the luxurious confines of a New York City hotel on a stormy Friday the 13th in 1924. Due to the weather, a group of strangers find themselves unexpectedly thrown together. What follows is a day filled with laughter, song, and moments of reflection, all inspired by the ten legendary figures who defined the era.

the new 20s
Photo by Oscar Almeida.

The production boasts a staggering 70 costume changes, each carefully curated to capture the essence of the roaring twenties with a modern touch. Expect ten dazzling white outfits, ten fiery reds, and a whole spectrum of colors that promise to transport you back in time while hinting at the present day.

But “The New 20s” is more than just eye candy. The show features 17 musical numbers, seamlessly blending contemporary artists like Justin Bieber with the timeless sounds of the era. 

Sempere emphasizes the meticulous care taken in crafting the show: 

“The creative process was long,” he explained. “As I took the time to select each of the songs, costumes, and choreographies.” 

the new 20s
Photo by Oscar Almeida

This dedication to detail promises an immersive experience that will have you tapping your toes, singing along, and marveling at the seamless fusion of past and present.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the roaring 20s reimagined for the modern age. “The New 20s”  takes the stage at Nacho Daddy on April 20th at 8:00 PM. and Sunday at 6 p.m. 

Tickets are $600 pesos and can be secured at the Nacho Daddy website. For more information follow @TheNew20smx on Facebook and Instagram. 

Tickets for Saturday 8pm

Sunday 6pm

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