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Bearadise Puerto Vallarta

International Bear Festival Adds Mister Bear as Sponsor

Some visitors to Puerto Vallarta experience  life-changing moments when the energy of this Mexican Pacific coast city gets deep into their hearts.  Some people...
bearadise beach

Bear Events Planned in Puerto Vallarta for Thanksgiving Holiday

There are two big bear events that promise to draw bears out of hibernation and to Puerto Vallarta over the upcoming USA Thanksgiving holiday - Bearadise and Brawny Bear.
daniel and christian with beardise

Bearadise Beach Offers New All-Inclusive Year-Round Beach Retreat for Bears

A new entertainment and tour have been created for visiting and local members of the ‘bear’ segment of the LGBTQ community

Bearadise: The Newest Bear Festival in PV Brought to You on January 30 through...

January 3, 2020. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Bearadise® is here! Formerly known as Vallarta Bear Weekend, Bearadise® International Bear Festival brings you four days...

Bearadise pool party @ Casa Cúpula

Check out these photos from 2020 Beardise at Casa Cupula