Surveys confirm Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s safest cities

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An ongoing survey of public sentiment toward cities in Mexico continues to confirm that Puerto Vallarta is among the safest in the country.

The most recent, which was conducted in September, found Puerto Vallarta ranked second for “lowest perception of insecurity,” – odd language but if you flip both those negatives, it’s all good! – just behind Merida, Yucatan. The two cities traded positions since the previous survey a few months earlier.

The city also ranked second, this time behind Piedras Negras, when respondents were asked to evaluate local government’s ability to effectively solve its most important problems.

Results of the recent survey, as well as all prior surveys, can be found online in Spanish and English.

The National Survey of Urban Public Security is conducted four times per year to gauge ongoing public sentiment regarding safety in cities of Mexico. It is particularly relevant now that news reports, some quoting government institutions in the United States and Canada, at times warn travelers to avoid parts of Mexico.

Specific objectives of the survey include:

  • To measure the perception of the inhabitants of the main cities of Mexico on public security in them.
  • To know the perception of the inhabitants of the main cities of Mexico on the tendency of crime in the next 12 months after the conduction.
  • To measure the witnessing of criminal or antisocial behavior affecting the population of major cities in Mexico in the environment near to your housing unit.
  • To identify changes in the activities and routines of people for fear of crime.
  • To measure the perception of the public about the performance of the Municipal, State, and Federal Preventive Police National Gendarmerie as public security authorities.

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