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Summer is here and we LOVE it!

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Summer is here!

The daily temperature is creeping upward. The crowds have dwindled and some of our favorite high season haunts have closed for the season. Or they’ve been completely demolished — and yes, I’m looking at you, Los Guapos Food Park. (Please come back soon!)

In related news: you may have noticed you’re holding a slimmer issue of Out & About Puerto Vallarta than our first two. People have been telling me “nobody invests in marketing during the summer months,” and that a number of magazines around town either close up shop from now through October/November or they publish only online.

We’re looking into those options, but the truth is: WE LOVE IT HERE and, as you know, there is so much more to this city than the six months when it’s bustling with Canadian and American tourists. There’s a fascinating discussion taking place now among locals who refuse to use the words “high season” and “low season,” that consumer-facing businesses should shift their attention during these summer months toward vacationing Mexican nationals.

We intend to expand our contribution to this city beyond high season and truly make Puerto Vallarta a destination year-round by profiling people and places locally with intelligent writing that (according to the feedback we’ve received) this city has been waiting for. Case in point: see our restaurant review this month. Bearing all of this in mind, we’re offering a summer special to advertisers that runs through October.

Speaking of this issue: it’s something of a “meet your neighbor” collection. I spoke at length with Puerto Vallarta’s resident adult film star Alejandro Castillo, a pata salada who two years ago was plucked from obscurity here in this city and has since realized an opportunity to educate and inspire fellows Mexicans, gay and straight, regarding safe sex practices and liberated physical pleasure.

We pulled a bartender and realtor aside and asked them a few short questions in order to get to know them a little better. Look for that feature to return in the future.

And photos: Vallarta Pride has exploded in popularity over the past couple years and we’re delighted to have experienced it all first hand, and to be able to share it with you here in print and online.

As always, be sure to look for us on the web — — and search “Out and About PV” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for extended versions of these articles, updates from the goings on around town, more photos and video, shared content from our partners and friends, and more in-depth reporting of the people and things that continue to make life in Puerto Vallarta so enchanting.





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