Monthly meet-up plans to tidy the streets of Emiliano Zapata


Mark the first Saturday of the month on your calendar!

The JG Group real estate company is sponsoring a monthly meet-up in order to collect loose trash in colonia Emiliano Zapata. According to a release, the effort is one that will minimize the amount of garbage that flows during these summer months into Banderas Bay.

On the first Saturday of each month, meeting at 9:30 am at The JG Group office, volunteers receive garbage bags, tongs, and are assigned a street in the Col. Emiliano Zapata.  Working from the beach to the Rio Cuale from the west to east, and from the Rio Cuale to Manuel M. Dieguez going north to south teams of two hit the streets.  Volunteers fill up their garbage bags with litter that are then retrieved by a volunteer driving through the colonia following the teams’ routes.

“People are energized,” said Dean McConkey, an organizer. “There are several initiatives throughout Vallarta, Limpia tu Barrio raises awareness of the trash we create and the trash left on the streets by calling on everyone to take a bag when going for a walk or a run.  They encourage 10 minutes, 1 bag, 1 photo to tag with #limpiatubarrio. We join in the calling for us all to raise awareness by gathering a group of volunteers monthly – many of them neighborhood kids – to do a clean sweep of our colonia. We are also having trash cans built that we will position in key locations. Most often, trash ends up on the streets because people have no where else to put it. There are other initiatives throughout the city. As many as we can create, the better!”
“Most people will agree that education is key,” added Julie Guerrero, another organizer. “We change mindsets by modeling the behavior and Being the Change. The comments we hear after our clean-ups are consistent. People feel good when they contribute to the city we have all grown to love, whether visiting or living in the colonia.”

Call 322 688 2146 or email [email protected] to let them know you’ll be there. The JG Group will provide volunteers with hot dogs and all the fixings after the clean-up.

Saturday July 7
Saturday August 4
Saturday September 1
9:30 a.m. – Lunch provided at 11:30 a.m.





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